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I just wanted to write and say that I appreciate the importance you place on age appropriateness at Elite. As a former dancer myself, I reflect back on my high school dance years and see way too much in the way of sexual undertones in our choreography and dance costumes. None of my dance teachers, coaches, or competition judges gave us feedback on this, or more importantly, guided us with appropriate leadership. So thank you for what you are doing for my daughter!


Aubrey Austin
(mother of Avery Austin, age 5)

The teachers and staff believe in my daughter, therefore she believes in herself. I feel that Elite has helped Jacy build a strong and lasting foundation that will guide her through out her life. She has made many memories and has been fortunate enough to have amazing role models leading her through her teenage years. We truly love Elite!

Sara P., Broomfield Studio

We started Sabina at Elite in August 2014 and did not know a thing about the dance community. We signed her up for the Nutcracker recital! Watching her learn the routine was so rewarding; and the teachers were all so incredibly patient and positive with her. Then to watch her on stage twirling around was amazing, I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it. Sabina still does her routine pretty much wherever she feels like dancing. I love that! I love that Elite has been such a positive experience for my little one in such a short period of time.

Becky E., Broomfield Studio

We have watched Lucy grow so much in the past couple of years at Elite. Through experience on the Performance Team for two years and now on Diamonds, she has not only learned better dancing skills, but also the benefits of teamwork and dedication. All of her instructors have been enthusiastic and encouraging and have given her the confidence to try her hardest. She absolutely loves dance and we have Elite to thank for that!

Kita M., Boulder Studio

Our experience with Elite Dance has been amazing! The teachers are very passionate about dance and it really shows when they are teaching. Kendall loves being at Elite and looks forward to her class every week.

Meghin G., Broomfield Studio

Watching my daughter perform at Broomfield Days with the Minis. She has had such a wonderful time being part of the Company. I have seen such growth in her confidence.

Kateri A., Broomfield Studio

Watching Avery on stage for her first dance recital. A star was born! She can't wait to get back onto the stage and have all eyes on her again.

Renne B., Broomfield Studio

My most memorable moment was finding out I got a spot on All-Star Poms this year!

Lauren B., Boulder Studio

The most memorable thing is Miss Carrie. She truly has helped my daughter grow not only as a dancer but as a person. She always encourages her and helped her to believe in herself!

Jennifer C., Broomfield Studio

Seeing my daughters face after practicing a move at home for months and finally accomplishing it. The self-esteem and confidence dancing at Elite gives to her is priceless to me. She on the other hand says the field trip to Waterworld!

Heather D., Broomfield Studio

My youngest daughter watches her older sister come home with a notebook from Miss Carrie with a dance word of the week. She started bringing her own notebook to her Creative Moment classes for her "dance homework". Carrie takes the time after each class to sit down and teach her a new dance term and what it means. Not only has it helped with her dance vocabulary, but her confidence has boosted! She lights up every week when it is time for her to get her "homework" from Miss Carrie. VERY special!

Lisa E., Broomfield Studio


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