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Benefits of Dance

Dance Improves Your Health

  • improves the overall condition of your heart, lungs and muscles
  • increases aerobic fitness and heart health
  • improves muscle tone
  • increases muscular strength and motor fitness
  • improves endurance, stamina and overall physical strength
  • safely strengthens bones
  • reduces the risk of osteoporosis
  • increases agility and coordination
  • improves flexibility
  • improves balance, spatial awareness and peripheral vision
  • tones the body and controls weight management
  • many types of dance use the entirety of the body, putting it into prime condition
  • uses a full range of body motion, excercising all the muscles and joints of the body
  • increases physical confidence
  • improves mental functioning
  • improves general and psychological well being
  • provides effective stress and anxiety management
  • increases confidence and self esteem
  • provides the opportunity to meet new people
  • reduces feelings of isolation and exclusion
  • improves social and interaction skills
  • teaches how to effectively work in group settings

Long-Term Benefits of Dance

  • Dance is a lifelong skill. Dancers can dance at any age!
  • Dancing is used for rehabilitation for improved recovery from injuries or operations such a knee injuries, heart surgeries, etc with varying levels of difficulty depending on the rehabilitation goal.
  • Dancing uses the entire body and mind using physical exercise, coordination, cognitive abilities and social interaction all at once effectively increasing mental functioning and memory.
  • Dancing dramatically reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's.
  • Dancing decreases the risk of coronary diseases and high blood pressure.

Dance Teaches Children:

  • perseverance
  • discipline
  • the importance and benefits of taking care of their body
  • goal setting
  • the long term benefits of consistent practice
  • diligence
  • success is the result of hard work
  • teamwork
  • how to deal with disappointment and use failures to move forward
  • physical confidence and grace
  • the benefits of regular exercise for the mind and body
  • how to engage both their physicality and their creative mind at the same time
  • the importance of being on time and being prepared
  • organizational skills and preparedness skills 
  • time management

Dance Increases Intelligence

  • dancing requires alertness of your surroundings and other dancers at all times
  • dancing requires lightning quick, dynamic decision making
  • dancing creates new neural pathways
  • dancing integrates many brain functions at once
  • dancing increases neural connectivity
  • dancing increases cognitive reserve
  • dancing increases mental capacity by exercising cognitive processes
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